Sunday, February 27, 2011

Faery Art Doll Tutorial

Bet you've been wondering where I've been or what I've been up to. Well for the most part, we've been getting over head colds while the kiddo was off this week from school for mid winter break. I am very much looking forward to Monday morning and the kiddo going back to school. It's been a very long 2 weeks with the kiddo home (He was only in school once last week because of the stomach bug going around).

Somewhere I found time to create another project for the February Fairies event over at The Whimsical Cottage. It was wonderful to create something for me for a change since I'm always making something for other people :)

You might notice that this little fae looks a bit familiar. I used the same techniques for the Gypsy that I made last year.

Hop on over to find out how to make your own Faery Art Doll!!



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