About K. Michele:

        I am a stay at home mom, artist, and I love crafting and DIY. I think I got my love of handmade items from my grandmother, who always had something that she made for us when we came to visit. She always had some sort of craft project in the works. She was the one who started the tradition of giving each of the grandchildren (8 of us total) a handmade ornament each Christmas. It's the same tradition that I carry on for the great grandchildren since she's passed on. 
      I love to spend time outdoors in the many flower gardens we have around the house, or sitting in the shade of a tree reading or drawing. I love that while we live inside the village limits, it's quiet and full of wildlife. From deer that come down off the hills, to ducks that swim in the creek behind the house, to butterflies and hummingbirds that make frequent visits. 
      I enjoy drawing, painting and creating. I love trying something new and one day really want to try glass blowing. 
     My pets are just as much part of my family and I love them unconditionally. My husband jokes that one day I will be that crazy cat lady with dozens of cats, he's probably right. 
     I love working with herbs and am studying to be an herbalist. My favorite thing so far is creating incense. I just love the various smells created by combining different herbs.
      I've been married to my husband and soul mate for 10 years. I have been following the pagan path for about 14 years now and beginning to teach my son about it little by little.

About K. Michele Creations:
       K. Michele Creations has been years in the making. The idea coming from one of my Aunts telling me that I should sell my creations. 
       It's still a work in progress, but it'll get to where I dream it to be some day. One day at a time.

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