Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WIP Tuesday ~ Getting Better

I don't have much for my WIP Tuesday. I honestly haven't worked on much. We went north to visit family for the kiddo's birthday and any work that I had planned on doing while there vanished. The kid spent his birthday sick so we celebrated Saturday. He also took his first trip down a hill in a sled (yes the kid turned 6 and had never been sledding before, he hasn't shown any interest in it until now). 

He loved the first trip down the hill. The second trip he and daddy wiped out and he was done. So much for the sledding trip.

Sunday Daddy and I started not feeling well. Monday the kid stayed home from school with a fever, so he and mommy hung on the couch together drinking water and playing video games. Today, we're kind of feeling better, tummys are still kind of icky, but we're slowly getting back into the swing of things, even if we aren't 100% better. 

So here's to a small bit of productivity today. I'm hoping to get more work done on my second tutorial for February Fairies. Here's a sneak preview!


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