Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reflection on Samhain


Another month has zipped by in a blink of an eye it seems, getting caught up in the mundane, running to scout meetings and soccer practice, learning spelling words and reading stories, planning dinner and washing laundry. When you get caught up in the mundane, the seasons change rapidly.

But when illness creeps in, you are forced to stop and take in the quiet change. Today the kiddo was home sick with a stomach bug and it gave me a chance to really pause. It allowed me to put the mundane on hold and focus on the small, changes of the seasons and changes within myself. As we baked and decorated sugar cookies together, I found myself focused on each of the ingredients. The flour from wheat, the sugar, the fresh eggs, the milk. Each ingredient combined to create something tasty.



And as my little guy napped this afternoon, I carved our pumpkin with a design of the kid’s choosing, a tradition since childhood. As I pulled out seeds and pumpkin guts, I reflected on how that vegetable came to be on our table. And how that same vegetable will go into our compost bin and the seeds will be roasted for a snack.

And as we took the time from a busy schedule to celebrate Samhain, my heart was warmed as hubby and I shared our path and believes with our son, who’s at the age now that he can truly understand what he’s taught. A simple ritual to remember our ancestors and the changing of the seasons once again.

As we enter into the dark half of the year, my thoughts turn internal towards the goals I want to set forth for myself, physically, emotionally, spiritually and creatively. I see a lot of changes in my life and I embrace that change. And as I change, so will this space to reflect more me and who I am and want to become.

I wish you and yours a very Blessed Samhain and a blessed season of change for the new year.

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