Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creative Inspiration ~ Swirls

Whether it’s black and white or full color, I have always been drawn to swirls of every kind. I’ve been drawing them since high school. A lot of times it’s to dress up something that is completely boring. My inspiration this week comes from a set of my cabinet doors that I’ve finished. The second set is about half done.

General craft cabinet
I couldn’t resist adding some personality to a rather bland case for medication.
My guitar case was the first piece (other than the random pair of jeans) that I applied my swirls to. I love the silver on black.
I’m always amazed on how something turns out by just letting go with a Sharpie Marker in hand.
Want to check out some more swirly art? Check out my Pinterest board that I created just for swirls.
What inspires you?


  1. Wow Karen. This is amazing. Love the guitar case.
    Followed you here via Life Book. See you in class.
    Kyles =D

  2. Thanks Kyles! I look forward to Life Book.

  3. Love what you did to your guitar case! So much patience!!!! But it looks great.

  4. Thanks Faye. It's quite meditative once you get going.


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