Monday, March 7, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

This morning the phone woke us up. It was the kiddo's school saying they were closed for the day (I do like the new automated system the school district uses since I'm not an avid morning news watcher). It snowed like crazy last night. I think we have about 16 inches of snow that fell last night and it's still snowing a bit. Our county and 2 others in the state are on "No travel advisories" until about noon which means Hubby and my sister are home from work this morning. 

Picture take at 6 am this morning
I feel bad for the dogs as they are short and the snow is just about over them. They do make the best of it though. They run and leap like deer to get around. By this afternoon they will have the yard covered in intricate paths that they will use to get around.

I am glad that the last few days did allow for the snow we had to melt a bit before getting the new snow. So today is going to be a hunker down and stay warm kind of day. The kiddo and I might make some decorations for Ostara. And I hope to start some work on my faery that I baked yesterday. 

I have since made wings for her. Now it's adding some paint and finishing touches. This will be the last time you see her until she's finished. I'm excited!

So here's to staying warm and waiting out the snow. The weather people are calling for sunshine this afternoon. Can't wait for that one!

PS: Hubby checked the news this afternoon, the 4-12 inches of snow predicted was blown away. We ended up with almost 23 inches of snow.



  1. We got hit pretty good too for more snow, but the plows have been hard at work. Love the wings and cannot wait to see her finished!

  2. Plows didn't clear the roads near our house until around 10:30am this morning. Our plow guy finally made it to the house around 11:30am after getting stuck at another job.

  3. Wow, you guys got a lot. I just went outside doing some cleaning and we barely have any really on the ground considering how many times I hear the plows going by, although we're surrounded by farmer's fields so it blows and blocks the roads quickly too. Thanks for stopping by my animal blog! I love my ratties, but am sadly going to be giving them up this weekend most likely. Things have gotten over whelming and a friend (owns a rat rescue) just took in a male and female pair needing friends, so it works out for the best.


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