Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monster Jam comes to town!

My kid loves Monster Trucks. He watches them on TV whenever he can, sometimes recording the shows he will miss while he's at school so he can watch them later. A few months ago, my dad let me know that Monster Jam was going to be coming to Syracuse. Last month, hubby and I made the decision to get tickets for the kid's birthday. And last night the kiddo got the ultimate birthday present!

30 years ago there was an idea to bring the Monster Trucks to the area. Last night was the 1st time the trucks had ever come to the Syracuse Area and were greeted with a crowd of 35,000+. The kiddo had been counting down since his birthday to when they would arrive, and yesterday afternoon couldn't come fast enough for him. Every 5 minutes I'd hear "Is it time for monster trucks yet?". My kid is not the most patient when it comes to something he loves.

But when the moment arrived, he was the happiest kid ever! 

Grave Digger
He was even more excited when he saw his favorite truck and driver was there! The kiddo was a little bummed because they closed the line for autographs so he missed out on getting his picture taken with Grave Digger (strike 1). A jaunt in the Monster Truck themed bounce house changed his mood a bit. Hubby went and snagged a few souvenirs while I hung with the kid.

We found our seats and hung out a bit waiting for the main event. Of course there was the game face of a very enthusiastic fan.

There was racing and stunts. Broken axles and trucks loosing tires after landing jumps.

Grave Digger

There was big air...

Avenger crushing a trailer.
...and trailer crushing. There was a bit of tears after missing a second opportunity to get the autograph that was most sought (strike 2). It broke my heart to see my little fan upset. He did so want that autograph. It meant the world to him. But mommy told her little guy, "Don't worry. Mommy will make sure you get your autograph before we leave. Promise!" He felt a little better, but I could tell he was still a little bummed.

There were dirt bike jumps and flips, and an ATV race to thrill the crowds. 

And when the last race of the night was done. Off we went to the autograph area for one last chance to get that prized autograph. We had a 50/50 chance to get it. One deep breath, a quick small prayer...

TJ and Dennis Anderson, driver of Grave Digger
...and we left with one happy kid. He got the autograph his little heart truly desired, dad and mom cemented their "bestest parents in the whole wide world" status, and Mommy kept her promise (grand slam home run).


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