Thursday, March 3, 2011

A creative spastic kind of day

You know the type of days where you just can't focus on one project, you need a bunch of different ones to work on at one time just to make yourself happy? I call those type of days my "creative spastic" days. was one of those days. I threw a load of laundry in the washer (yeah I've been doing that all day too), sat down to play with my new fantasy film to make some faery wings, and found myself needing to sew at the same time. Normally, these "creative spastic" days don't usually result in finished projects. They usually just add to my never shrinking projects in progress shelf in my cabinet.

I haven't finished my wings yet, but I did finish 2 sewing projects that I've had in my head to do (one of these days I really should write down all those projects that are floating about in there). 

We have 2 dogs. 2 very cute, but messy dogs. And they are far from dainty eaters, they are hounds. Boy do they like to make a mess when they eat. We are constantly mopping up water that they splash out of their water dish. And if the water doesn't get mopped up, it makes the floor under the dog dishes yuck! I've toyed with the idea of getting one of those mats you put under the dishes. Problem is, they can be expensive and trying to find one that matches the kitchen without sticking out like a sore thumb is next to impossible. 

So with a bit of fabric left over from the tote bag I whipped up the other day, a bit of sweatshirt material, and some non slip shelf liner from the dollar store, I whipped up a mat for under their dog dishes. And while I was at it, I sewed one for under the cat food bowl that sits on our dryer in the bathroom downstairs. 

Food bowl mats
The mat under the dog dishes in action
Orion trying out the new mat
So I'm feeling pretty accomplished for actually finishing something I started for around the house. I am hoping this evening I can work more on my wings for my little faery. I'm really excited to see how they turn out.



  1. Nicely done! We have a little place mat under our cat's dish and a small fabric mat under the food. They make much more of a mess with the food though -_-

  2. Thanks! They are no where near perfect, but for winging it, I think they came out pretty well. We don't have a problem with food going all over the place (at least not yet) just a problem with bowls slipping and sliding and of course messy water drinkers lol.


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