Friday, February 4, 2011

WIP ~ Tuesday on Friday

Goodness! I missed WIP Tuesday but with good reasons. This has been such a busy week. And it all started last Friday with my birthday. Tuesday was birthday present arrival day, well the start to it anyway. The portable photo studio hubby had bought me was delivered. I love it! It came with a light tent, 2 lamps and a mini tripod for my camera. And here I was going to make my own and buy some lamps lol. The nice thing about it, everything folds right up and stores in its own little bag. So you can imagine all work was set aside to take pictures, upload pictures, edit pictures, rinse and repeat.
But in the middle of all that, I did get some work done on 2 tutorials for February Fairies Event over at The Whimsical Cottage. I also was able to complete 1 of the WIP from last week. I really excited. It’ll be my first listing on my Etsy shop and hopefully won’t be the last.

What do you think? I’m excited because the photo is pretty true to color in real life. This piece remains untitled at the moment. I’ll have to think of something before I list her.
So what’s on the agenda for this weekend? Putting the final touches on a tutorial and see what I can do about finishing up another WIP from last week. I have some new Caran d’Ache watercolor crayons (also for my birthday) that I am just dying to work with.

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