Thursday, November 11, 2010

Productivity abound..

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity around here, well mostly in my domain. I can officially say that my bedroom is clean. And not just laundry put away and such, but the last of the random boxes from the move (it's only been over a year) have been unpacked. My random crafty messes have been put away, the random boxes of mom's craft supplies have been put away. I've never had so much floor space. It's weird not tripping or weaving around something as you walked in the room.

Yesterday I was able to spend an afternoon with some friends I haven't seen in forever (understandably since 1 of them live in Texas). It was great just hanging out and watching a movie. 

So today laundry is washed, the kid's bedroom has been cleaned (with not a whole lot of fighting me about it which is a first really), I've started on another spread in one of my art journals, I have some holiday gifts in the works, I also have some ideas in mind and items started for Aux Demilunes 5 days of Harry Potter (can't wait for that one!) blog party. I also plan on working on the kiddo's scrapbook which I haven't touched since my baby shower for him (he keeps reminding me I have to work on it. He's my little slave driver lol).

Well sitting here in front of the computer doesn't get my list of many things done. Hope today is a productive day for all!


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