Friday, November 12, 2010

Art, Heart and Healing Journal Page 2- part 1

I'm making progress. I'm still about a week behind in the Art, Heart and Healing classes, but I'm enjoying the process so much. This has been such an eye opener really. Not only in how I see myself, but how others close to me affect that same view, and how I deal with it. Honestly, I don't do well. I worked really hard on my layout and was really excited to show off one element of the layout before I was totally finished. Mom liked it a lot (she's always been my biggest fan really) and dad, well he didn't say a thing. He just did his classic "Humph".

I shook it off like I usually do. When Chris got home from work, I showed him. He liked it as well, but when he started in with the suggestions he usually does (Which I am thankful for, he really does help me see my art from a non artist point of view), I just got really defensive and broke down into tears. I was really upset by my dad's lack of praise. 

My sister brought up a good point. He's never really been supportive of my art. I don't know if it's just because I never finished college and doing something with it, or what. While growing up, the only time he seemed to show any kind of praise was when it directly involved him. For a recent example, the kitchen cabinets. Because he bought used cabinets and saved money on refinishing them because I did it, he was proud of how they looked. My sister and I put up the kick boards under the cabinets with 45 degree cuts and everything. I admit it looks good, dad's proud because he didn't have to pay someone to put them in. 

But when it comes to supporting the things my sister and I do that doesn't involve him in some degree, there is no praise, or even that look of pride. I wonder if it's because he and I aren't close (We just barely get along as it is, mainly because I stay out of his way most the time and totally avoid him when he's been drinking).

Anyway, here's my page 2. I didn't have a board book to alter, so I just stuck it right in my journal with page 1 that I did last week. I feel the journal is more of a self healing, self discovering journey and the pages fit well together.

I definitely need to practice more with gel medium image transfers. I haven't decided if it was not enough water, too much water, or my pressing down too hard that led to the image peeling a way a little bit, but I still like it.

See my cute little faery?! She was what I was excited to share with my mom.

I love how she turned out! I think I must draw more faeries just like her. She was so fun to draw.
Well, on to page 2 of week 2.



  1. My dad and I have had a fairly distant relationship and I've never felt he fully supported (or supports) my art. Things have been getting better for us ever so slowly though and I was shocked when he didn't grumble or give me some sort of sass when I told him that right now art is my sole source of income.

    I love your pages. I like that the transfer came out a bit worn, it makes it look like it belongs on the page, and your fairy is SO DARN CUTE! I haven't done my page yet, because I don't have a board book at the moment.. but you've inspired me to just use my journal instead. :)

  2. I hope one day that my dad and I will be closer than we currently are. And even if that day never comes, I've made it a point to be my son's biggest fan, giving him the support, encouragement, and praise I never truly got from my dad.

    Thank you. I am super proud of my little faery. I think I'll be drawing her a lot in the future.

    Oh yay! I'm glad I inspired you. I can't wait to see your next page. I do love your artwork.


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