Monday, November 8, 2010

Healing Art Journal Page

This weekend was a blur of activity. It started with my having to pick the kiddo up from school on Friday because of pink eye followed by a trip to the pediatrician. Saturday we finally put the kick boards up under the kitchen cabinets. And Sunday it was another trip back to the doctor because the kiddo has an ear infection. 
Thank goodness for art therapy! Without it I don't think I would have survived the weekend much.

I stumbled upon Tam at a couple weeks back while reading another blog (I apologize that I can't remember which one) and loved the idea. So I signed up and finished up a few projects that needed to be finished before I started. This is my week 1 layout.

I've drawn when I was upset, I've drawn when I was happy. But drawing to heal is something I've never done. I wasn't expecting the feelings and emotions that came when I started, but I welcomed them all the same. It felt like a huge weight was being lifted and that I was finally able to breath again.

To be honest, I wasn't exactly sure if I was going to like how it turned out. Half way through, I was starting to get upset because the paper wasn't taking the water colors well and it started to get really thin because of the water. But as I continued to work at it, and use more colored pencils for the shading instead of relying on the watercolors and acrylics, it pulled itself together. And I got to use some of my distress inks for the background which was really fun. 

I learned to let go of my constant quest for perfect portraits and drawing people who look real. That was never really my style. And even when I try to draw a realistic portrait, they are still stylized. So I've come to embrace that. It's what makes me unique. 



  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love your portrait and the phrase as well, it's something I could stand to tell myself as well. <3

  2. Thanks Danni! The phrase was one of three that I had come up with and it stuck out the most. I think it's a phrase that many of us could use to hear more often.

  3. A truly beautiful self portrait. I joined Willowing but have chickened out on the course, because I just don't think my art ability can keep up. You are fantastic though.

  4. Aww thanks. I think you should definitely give it a go though, even if just for yourself :)

  5. this is truly gorgeous, Karen!!
    I love the lady's lips! eheh


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