Sunday, October 17, 2010

On the 17th of Halloween, my Witchy gave to me...

A Hayride and pumpkins!

On the way home from getting a few groceries today, we stopped at a local farm to pick up a couple pumpkins on a whim. 
Today was the perfect day for a hayride. The kid had a ball. We got to pet some of the little calves and a few of the barn cats. TJ's favorite was a brown and grey striped cat named George.
We also stopped and fed some hay to a few of the big cows. TJ laughed the whole time. I'm sure he made a few friends.

I wish I had brought my camera to take some pictures while we were there, but alas I didn't have it on me (just goes to show I need to start carrying it around on a regular basis).

But we got some really great carving pumpkins.

I'm really glad we didn't pay 9 dollars for a pumpkin at the grocery store. Even though they had some really good looking pumpkins, for the same price we were able to get 3 and a hayride. 

Not bad for a whim :)

Happy Crafting!
~ K. Michele

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