Friday, October 22, 2010

On the 22nd of Halloween, my Witchy gave to me...

An afternoon of Halloween crafting...

 among other things....

I've been busy doing some autumn cleaning in preparation for the winter weather that is slowly creeping up on us. While cleaning, I've been making a mess of my craft space and our family room.
The kid's costume now has wheels. It's to the painting point. I just hope the paint that I'm going to use sticks to the duct tape. If it doesn't, I have a back up plan!

Here's a glimpse of it as it currently sits. I thought about redesigning it a bit, then said heck with it since there's only about a week left before Halloween. As long as it's a truck, the kid will love it.
Oh yes, and thank you truck! I build a deck over the summer with no injuries of any kind, I cut one tire out of cardboard and slice my finger with the box cutter. Luckily, it's superficial. Since the bleeding stopped, it looks more like a large paper cut than anything else. The good news, I'm done cutting and using the hot glue gun :)

I have some other things in the works that are currently drying before I can show them. As well as some swap items. 

Happy Crafting!
~ K. Michele


  1. this is going to be great! TJ will love it :)

  2. I hope so. If him wanting to play with it before it's finished is any indication, it will be lasting longer than Halloween lol.


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