Sunday, June 27, 2010

Full Moon Ritual

First let me tell you how wonderful it was to be outside and have an outdoor ritual. Last night was the first outdoor ritual that we held here at home in a very long time.

Last night, during the Full Moon, was my purging ritual. It was simple and small. But that's just how I like my rituals. 

I started out by writing every negative thought, aspect of myself that I wanted to change, onto a piece of parchment paper.

And yes, I have issues :)

Hubby had been burning wood all day, in spite of it lightly raining all afternoon. So when everyone decided to go inside for the night, at 10pm there was still some smoldering coals in the fire pit. One piece of wood later, we had a nice little fire going. Perfect size for ritual. 

After casting the circle, calling the quarter elements, ancestors, and the God and Goddess (with a brief conversation with mom tossed in the middle of it because she came outside), we had our little purging ritual. I even used a bit of the Sun and Moon Oil that were made for me from my Midsummer swap partner.
I have to say, it was amazing watching all the negativity burn up and float away on the smoke. As we sat, watching the fire for a bit longer, tears just started to run down my cheeks for no reason. The silence and the peace that I felt that moment was amazing.

I would say that it was a great start to finding myself once again.



  1. *hugs* that sounds beautiful and like it was exactly what you needed.


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