Monday, June 28, 2010

Garden: Herb Garden

A few weeks ago we finally had gotten a break from all the rain we've had. I took the opportunity to work some in the herb garden.

 What a difference a year makes. My peppermint has exploded as well as the lemon balm. My baby lavender plants are up past my knees and my older lavender is blossoming tons of flowers. Even my sage has gotten taller. The sage and chives had sprouted flowers well before they were ready to harvest, or so I thought. I guess they were ready after all.

Side herb garden June 2010

Original lavender plant June 2010

Sage June 2010

Lemon Balm June 2010

Peppermint (and a lot of it) June 2010

Oregano (with some peppermint mixed in) June 2010

Chamomile and our little Gnome friend that you can't see unless you are right on top of the garden June 2010

Lavender (the newer 2 bushes) June 2010

Lavender blossoms (these are going to be huge!) June 2010

After harvesting, I came in with a basket full of herbs to be tied up and dried. Of course with all the rain we've had since, I need to go back out and harvest some more.

Unfortunately, the rosemary, basil and dill didn't survive the winter. Hopefully next spring we can get some more and other herbs in the garden as well like Calendula, more Chamomile, White Sage (I will have to dream on that one. I doubt it'll grow well in NY lol) just to name a few. I'm hoping to expand the garden a bit once a few tree stumps that border it are removed. We'll see though.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Your plants looks great! If its winter you can try the Jasminum nudiflorum. It will bloom beginning in November and will produce heavy blooms January through March. Reticulated Iris looks cute when its winter.


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