Sunday, September 13, 2009

Very productive 2 hours

Mmm..the weather is getting cooler and the leaves are already starting to change. I love fall. I love the holidays that come with autumn.

My craft stash is finally out of storage. All 5 totes (which are 22 gallon totes) are going to be put into my craft cabinets and my art table is going to be put together. So far, I have emptied 3 totes and have about a half tote left between the last two totes. And then it's gathering my various craft supplies from the rest of the house lol. I am on the hunt for my paints that have seemed to have disappeared. Wonder if those art faeries borrowed them..hmm.

I have finally pulled the renovation before pictures off the external hard drive and they are now on the laptop. I was going through all of the renovation pictures and have discovered that I have pictures of finished cabinets, but no pictures of finished cabinets with finished doors. How the heck did that happen?? And now I have to add, "camera" to my hunting list lol.

While the kiddo was in preschool, I think it was a rather productive 2 hours. So what's on the agenda for the rest of the day? Well soap actually. Promised the kiddo that after he got home from school that he could help me make some soap. And of course put my art table together which was on my list of things to do today and haven't had a chance to yet lol.

Happy crafting all!

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