Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally organized and Murlocs

It never occurred to me just how much craft supplies I inherited from my grandmother. A few years before my grandmother passed away, she cleaned out her stash of craft supplies and had given the majority to me. If I remember right, there was 12 bags (the kind of plastic bags sleeping bags used to come in, with the round zipper top) and a handful of totes, 10 to be exact (these were 12"x20" totes with lids). And of course there was the few random boxes and bags that also contained some of her stash. And beads! Boy did she have a huge amount of beads. Mostly the plastic faceted ones, but it's still a lot of beads. The beads alone take up one whole shelf in my craft cabinets.

But the organizing is finally done. I actually have a floor and a really good idea as to what kind of supplies that I have. Now if I can get my fabric stash organized, I'll be all set lol. But that is for another day.

I still have to come up with some sort of storage for all my herbs since the cabinet I had them in originally did not survive the move. I think for the time being, I might just leave the herb jars in the boxes they currently are in until I find something to store them in.

Oh! I now have a stuffed Murloc. I've wanted one forever and just haven't gotten around to making one. A few months back I saw one on Jinx.com and fell in love. They finally came back in stock and hubby snagged one for me!

How awesome is he?! And the best part, he talks! Well if you could call it talking lol. I am sure he will be the first of many murlocs popping up in my craft space.

So today's agenda? Take the kiddo to preschool this afternoon (he was up at 6:30am wanting to go already), and get cracking on some craft projects for my Samhain swap on Craftster. Lol, I am such a Craftster addict.

Happy crafting!
~K. Michele


  1. EEK! It talks??

    I like the idea of murlocs.. but in game they creep me out so bad. Nothing was worse than sitting in the dark with my headphones on at 2am running through Azeroth when a murloc attacks. I never failed to fly out of my chair.

    Good thing I kicked my wow habit. I swear I'm less likely to have a heart attack now. ;)

  2. LOL I know what you mean. They are probably the reason why I play with the sound turned off when I do play (which isn't very often these days).


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