Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unpacking woes

Ugh. I was so excited to finally get our boxes and things out of storage and now I'm not so sure. I hate unpacking just as much as I hate packing. Eh, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't trying to put everything into one room. I'm wishing the bathroom was finished, the bar moved and our family space was finished. Maybe I wouldn't be feeling so overwhelmed.

I still have 2 dressers (one is the kiddo's), a file cabinet, a drafting table, and a cabinet to find room for. And right now I'm considering just using my drafting table as my sewing/computer/craft table instead of having my little desk too. If I do that, then I'll just stick with the laptop and it's muted colors instead of getting a desktop (at least for now). And I might have room for everything in our bedroom.

I am starting to think a bedroom/craft space wasn't such a great idea now that I see everything in front of me. Looks like it's going to be a lot of purging of craft supplies since I still have to go through all the 17 storage totes that are in the garage that are just my mom's craft supplies alone. And hubby thinks the 4 totes I have are bad.



  1. I'm sorry it took me so long to come over and follow back, your blog link wasn't listed in the mini profile blogger dashboard gives me... so I came over from Craftster. Go figure. ;)

    Anyway, I just spent a few minutes mesmerized by your artwork slideshow... your stuff is amazing!! I especially enjoy your paintings. Beautiful work, dear!

  2. thanks so much! i have a few more paintings that need to be finished as soon as i find my paints again lol.


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