Saturday, July 4, 2009

ARG and Stuff...

That's it!! My 1 foot by 1 foot clear crafting space on the downstairs bar just ain't working for me anymore. I tried to work on my poppet tonight that I've been trying to work on for the last week and screwed up the dress. I need to spread out a bit especially when I have to adjust a dress pattern, redraw my pattern on some freezer paper, cut out new material for it (thank goodness I have a lot of scrap material left over from another project), iron it and resew it because my original was too short and wouldn't fasten in the back no matter how much a stretched and pulled it. So tomorrow I am over taking the dining room table and kitchen island so that I can work on my poppet and possibly get her to the point where everything else that needs to be done can be hand sewn, like snaps and trim on the dress.

In other news, the kiddo's room has been painted. Not sure if I need to do a second coat on it or not. I might have to in the spots that he decided he was going to help paint. That was a trip and a half trying to keep tabs on him and make sure he didn't have too much paint on his little roller, make sure he wasn't putting paint where it didn't belong, and pay attention to what I was doing.

Hubby and I finally made a decision on a paint color for our room. Surprisingly enough it was his choice and it wasn't a purple! Go figure. But I like the color anyway and with the white trim it should be awesome. I can't wait to finally get into our room and paint. There is 2 more coats of mud to go on the closet and I think one more around the windows and then that's it. This coming week we should be getting the flooring for at least both bedrooms and possibly the rest of the downstairs.

There are more walls coming down as well and the downstairs bathroom is in the process of being redesigned. Who in their right minds puts a toliet on the top of steps?! Oh wait..I forgot. The same people who decided that there didn't need to be any insulation between the concrete exterior wall and the interior walls. AND the same people who decide that 1"x3" strips of wood are really, really great wall studs and nail them to the concrete.

We will be looking at tankless water heaters in the next coming week and hopefully we can get a new gas line put in (apparently the old one is too small for everything in the house that runs off of it ie: 2 gas heaters, water heater, dryer) this coming week or two and get everything shifted around so that walls can get finished.

The next few days I am going to track down the first batch of renovation pictures I had taken and get some posted. I am also going to post a few of them because I am sure there are those who would like to see exactly what the heck I am talking about lol. I will be very, very happy when all the remodeling is done and I can finally just relax. The camping trip at the end of July will be a very much needed break from all the demolishion.

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