Friday, July 24, 2009

Alas..Not enough hours in the day...

And the weather doesn't help much. Yesterday was cloudy and every so often it sprinkled which meant me dropping everything I was working on and move the drying cabinet doors and drawers into the garage so they wouldn't get wet. Of course, as soon as they were all inside, it stops sprinkling.

If it wasn't for the humidity rising last night, my drawers would have had a final coat of varnish and would have been called done. So the kid and the dogs are being kicked outside so that I can finally get the cabinets finished. Or at least the ones I have on hand. There are still 2 cabinets, 2 drawers and a door MIA and should be here tomorrow, I hope.

I really need to sit down and get all the pictures of the renovations organized. They are sitting in folders all over the place just as much in a mess as the rest of the house. Maybe I'll get to that before leaving for our camping trip on Sunday.

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