Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bleu, my swap poppet

I received my poppet from my swap partner yesterday. It was a bit of surprise because I wasn't expecting it to arrive until the next day. But she's here and I love her. She is adorable.

I named her Bleu because she has blue skin, blue hair and blue eyes. And blue just happens to be my favorite color lol. Bleu is the second doll my partner has ever made and I think she turned out well. You can see her post in the poppet swap gallery here.

She came with treasures as well. I didn't get a group shot, but my son decided that he wanted to help mommy take pictures of her poppet.

(left to right: magic wand, magnetic bracelet (anklet/necklace), handpainted fairy tales book box with hidden drawer, necklace)

Here are some detail shots that I took of her. Her wings are removeable. They are attached to her little dress. Her hair is a blue/green eyelash fringe yarn with silver tinsel yarn mixed in.

Here is Bleu smelling the Bee Balm in the backyard garden.

And this just goes to show that nothing gets into this house without having the Tabatha stamp of approval. Now I just have to remind the cat that the poppet is mine!

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