Monday, June 15, 2009

Sewing Machine - Singer 7470

I posted briefly about my new sewing machine. It's a Singer 7470 that my hubby had gotten from JoAnn Fabrics. Let me just say, I am glad I did my research and I am totally happy with this machine so far. It's easy to wind a bobbin and thread the machine, both of which are a big plus in my book. The LED light is nice and bright which makes things so much easier to see. It's quiet. With my old machine (a Singer my mother passed on to me from her mother), I was worried I was going to wake people up if I was sewing at midnight. This one, I don't have to worry about that. I can actually use a zigzag stitch unlike my old machine where you didn't even want to try and sew a zigzag stitch for fear of getting the right tension only to have the tension slip midway.

The manual is easy to read and the illustrations are detailed making threading for the first time really easy. The automatic threader is a nice touch as well for the days I just don't feel like threading the needle.

And the fact that it's portable is nice as well. My old machine had a table to it and made moving it rather interesting. I am however going to be making a new cover for it since I really don't like the cover that came with it. Don't get me wrong, the cover is fine. I just want to make the flap where the handle is a bit longer so it can be fastened shut when not in use. Just a way for me to keep it clean really.

I also like the fact that there is hem markers for different widths on the foot plate. And that part of the presser foot is clear so you can see where your needle is clearly and where you need to stitch.

It also works well with a wide variety of fabrics, including denim. The only downfall I can see and that is easily fixable is when working with vinyl. The vinyl sticks to the underside of the presser foot making which make the fabric bunch. Easy fix is to get a presser foot for use with vinyl or a walking foot. I will have to look into this because I use vinyl for when I make pocketed baby bibs.

So for a step up from my old machine. I am really happy with my choice.

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