Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Mail Brings Eye Balls!!

So I got my eyes that I ordered from Truly Outrageous on Artfire. Love, love, love them! They are exactly what I was looking for. What I got were 18mm safety eyes in clear. I also snagged the same size in an assortment of colors. The total pairs of eyes are 19. 19!!

I've been to 4 different craft stores in the area looking for 18mm clear safety eyes and had only found brown. Well I'm tired of brown eyes. And online didn't really lead to much choice. But I did find what I was looking for so that's a bonus!!

Oh! And I snagged tiny little corks for some tiny glass bottles I had picked up for the poppet I'm making at the hardware store. Only ended up there 3 times today. Have I mentioned how much I like remodeling?? HA!

Anyways, today didn't result in any crafting. Hopefully tomorrow will produce some time for me to craft. I'm hoping the weather breaks and warms up a bit so I can get the kitchen cabinets sanded and refinished so I can mark that off my very, VERY long list of projects to be done.

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