Friday, June 26, 2009

Poppet has hair, Doors have primer

The hair is just about all sewn on my poppet, just 2 more wefts to sew on. I almost ended up having to sew each strand of yarn on one at a time because my sewing machine bound up from the first weft I tried sewing. Turns out, it was too small of a stitch. Hit the button to turn up the stitch length and it worked fine. I also found out, through some good advice, that copy paper makes a really, really good base for sewing hair wefts on. It just peels right off. Beats trying to peel tissue paper off the yarn lol.

Anyways, the poppet is coming along. I think this will be my only swap for the time being until I can get my craft supplies out of storage and my craft supplies organized. So far the swap is fun. I'm enjoying myself. But with everything going on right now, I am crunched to find the time to craft. Yay for this swap being a mini swap. I've looked through some of the other swaps and what people have sent and at this time there would be no way for me to put out my best for my partner AND refinish cabinets and the rest of the house.

Speaking of cabinets. I grabbed the cabinets doors from the front wall in the kitchen yesterday and sanded them all down and primed them. Unfortunately it was really, really warm yesterday. I would have given anything to spend the day in the pool like my son. He's such a fish when it comes to water lol. Luckily I was able to get everything sanded down before it decided to rain. I spent an hour in the garage while it poured getting the doors taped off and primed (at least the first coat of primer). Hopefully it dries up here soon and the sun comes out so I can get them painted and stained. At least then I can say that some of the cabinets are done lol.

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