Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crafty Quiet..more like Crafty Chaos!

My quiet night of crafting was tossed into chaos by the crafty gods themselves! Instead of putting my poppet together, I spent an hour looking for my jointing and sculpting needles. And then spent another hour looking for a body part that seemed to mysteriously come up missing (insert glare at my cat Orion here). After finding the body part, I just gave up and went to bed.

This morning however was a bit more productive. Woke up about 7am, thought about going back to sleep but didn't. I finished painting the eyes this morning and sealed them. Sculpted the toes and decided I needed 5 toes instead of just 3. After starting to joint the legs, remembered I needed to needle sculpt the torso. Rejoint the legs, decided that I didn't like the spot they were, so after a 3rd re-jointing of the legs, my poppet can stand all by itself.

The eyes are attached, the nose is in place, the poppet's little caterpillar friend is almost done. So tonight's activity (chaos aside) is to attach the head and start the fun stuff like clothes, hair and accessories..YAY!

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