Friday, June 6, 2008

Inspiration Thunderstorm

Hubby came home from work last night and was complaining a little about the heat. Don't blame him it was muggy and warm. He said he wanted a thunderstorm. He got 2!!

We had 2 huge thunderstorms roll in and they both were equally amazing, chain lightning, loud crashing thunder and rain. The chain lightning was my favorite I think. The colors of it were vibrant and bright, white, pink, a little bit of red. One flash after another, followed by deep rumbling, crashing thunder. At times it was so crashing hard a couple car alarms went off, lol.

The first one rolled in about 1am. I woke to the chain lightning (I haven't seen chain lightning since I lived in Florida in '99). Everything was still. There was no outside noise from cars driving, no noisy neighbors, just silence. I laid in bed watching the lightning, listening to the rain and thunder. Part of me was waiting to see if TJ would wake up, but he slept through both storms, the lil trooper.

As I was listening to the storms last night, it was like inspiration striking over and over again. I was half tempted to jump up and start creating something, anything. Ideas started filling my head with each flash of lightning and rumble of thunder. It was truly amazing!!

So with fresh creative inspiration sparking in my head, let's see what I come up with today!!

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