Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shrinky Dink Obsession

I remember doing shrinky dinks with my grandmother as a kid. I loved watching the edges curl up and then get smaller and smaller. It was fun! Well...somethings you just never out grow. My favorite part now is watching my son's face light up when it starts to shrink. He gets such a kick out of it lol.

This is a wall hanging that I did inspired by the trinity.

Triple Goddess Wall hanging
shrink plastic, prismacolor colored pencils, sharpie, embordory hoops, ribbon




And since I was on a shrinky dink kick, I made butterflies and stars for a magnet I made for my fridge.

drawing: prismacolor colored pencils, sharpie
charms: shrink plastic, colored sharpies, wood beads, floss

I'm sure this isn't the end to my shrinky dink obsession lol. I have a lamp in my living room that could use some personalizing =)

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