Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AEDM Day 7

With coughs and sore throats floating around this house, it’s a wonder I made it this long without catching it. And of course as karma would have it, I came down with a fever Monday night and have been fighting a stuffed nose and sore throat since. But today I feel like like I had been run over by a truck and a little bit more myself. I even climbed out of my pajamas that I’ve been living in for 2 days. But in the midst of being sick, I found that I wanted to create. I just didn’t have the energy to sit down at my art table with my paints or my sewing machine. All I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and watch the chick flicks I don’t usually get to watch living in a house where the boys out number the girls (that’s before we start talking about adding the 4 legged family members to the equation). What’s a girl to do then when dragging art supplies into another room just doesn’t quite work?

Crochet. I taught myself how to crochet about 2 months ago when I needed to add hair to a poppet I was working on for a swap. But the hair style I was going for was proving a little difficult to figure out with wefts. So I learned to crochet a wig cap.

And to show the final result:

Exactly what I was going for. So I’ve been slightly hooked on crocheting since. I am by no means an expert. Heck, after my crochet cap, I made a couple of dish clothes using a single crochet stitch. But I’m getting there. I find it enjoyable and relaxing to work on something like a dish cloth or scarf while watching TV with the family, or while waiting for soccer practice to finish, or the scout meeting to wrap up. I can see why a lot of people, my mom and grandmother included, enjoy this craft. And in a small way, as I use my grandmother’s hooks, it makes me feel a bit connected to her. And I hope that as I make things for my family using her hooks, that in a small way, they feel connected to her once more, especially my son who has no memory of his grandmother, but who had brought her so much happiness and joy during her last days before she passed.

I know my stitches aren’t straight or perfect. I know that someday I’ll get up the courage to try some other stitches like the double crochet or the triple crochet, but for now, I’ll keep right on making the little things for my family and enjoying every bit of it.


Happy Crafting!






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