Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The result of play...

I guarantee you 100% of the time when I create art, I have some idea already what it's going to be and how I am going to go about bringing what's in my head to life on the page/canvas. It's very, VERY rare that I create something without having that basic idea. Life Book's week 8 lesson was with Mystele and it was all about just letting go and playing.

For me, it was very freeing just starting with a page and adding layer after layer. I played with colors I don't usually use (there's a lot of red in there) on a regular basis. I played with tissue paper. I played with book pages. I played with bubble wrap and even used some rubbery shelf liner to add texture. I played with charcoal pencils and some india ink. 

I even tried something I've never done before, "pulling" an image from the many layers on the page. I wasn't sure how my page would turn out, but I'm really pleased with how she did turn out and how I feel afterwards. It just feels like a huge weight of what I should do, what I shouldn't do, was just lifted off my shoulders and tossed aside. I can see myself creating like this a lot more often.


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