Thursday, September 22, 2011

It started with a warm autumn night...

...and a 3 hour trip north to see a few friends from college. It was a beautiful, warm Mabon night. I had no idea at that time that my life was going to change. 

My friends Hope, Zo and I were hanging out, when Hope got a phone call. A few of her friends had showed up to surprise her with a visit. So we all headed outside to meet up with her friends. And that's when we met. Introductions were made, shy smiles were smiled and little waves of hello were waved. No words were spoken at all.

We headed outside into one of the building courtyards, the crunching of the thick cover of leaves was very inviting that night. One thing led to another and it was an all out leaf war! It was every person for themselves! 

I remember Chris and I circling each other, grins across our faces and handful of leaves ready for the throw. The look on his face reminded me of the hunter eyeing his prey, waiting for the right moment. I felt like a mischievious little pixie wanting to be caught, but not wanting to make it too easy for him. We threw leaves at each other for over an hour, then sat down in the leaves, listening to the others talking. As we listened to the conversations around us, he pulled out his silver athame and turned it over in his hands a few times. I silently put my hand out for it and was surprised when he gave it to me to look at. It was small and silver. The handle had roses on it with purple stones embedded in the handle. It was beautiful. I handed it back to him with a smile. 

That night ended with no words spoken. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I got a phone call from my friend Hope telling me "Chris really likes you!"

I remember going all "school girl" and said "Really?! We didn't speak at all!" And that's how it went for a month. Her telling me that he really liked me, me only half believing.

Hope called to wish me Happy Thanksgiving on her way to her parents house for dinner. We chatted a bit and then she said "I'm putting Chris on the phone. He wants to say hi!" I was a bit nervous. We hadn't said 2 words to each other at all. I could have sworn I heard a little muffled "What?! No don't put me on the phone..." (I found out later he did want to talk to me but didn't want to do it right then. She sprung it on both of us really, the little match maker).

He got on the phone, we wished each other a Happy Thanksgiving, and proceeded with a bit of small talk. That small talk led to an hour on the phone until dinner was ready on my end. We hung up and then he called me later on that evening. We talked for another few hours. 

After that day, we would talk for hours online through IM. We emailed each other frequently. And when we did call each other in the evening, the calls went on for hours (thank goodness it wasn't long distance).

We had made plans to get together again but wasn't sure when because of mainly my work schedule at the time.

I was working back in layaway at the time (back when the store I worked for had one). It was quiet Friday evening, it was an hour or so before closing and around the corner stepped Chris with a single red rose. My heart just melted.

That's how it went. Fridays after work, he headed south for the weekend. And when I had a few days off in a row, I drove north. We put a quite a few miles on that road between the two of us. Spring came and I moved North to be with him. That August, we packed up and headed back South to Syracuse.

10 years ago on September 22nd, 2001 before family, friends, and before each other we said "I do"

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Happy anniversary love!



  1. Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful meeting story you have. Here's to many more.


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