Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Updates and Witchy To Do List

What a crazy month it's been already. And a lot has been changing, but mainly within myself.

Let's see what's been going on:

1) I've started to take care of myself. I've spent years taking care of everyone else in my family and have neglected my own health. I've lost some weight (34 pounds to be exact) and feel great! Exercise and I still have a love/hate relationship. But I think it's just because I haven't found anything I love yet. The thing I've found most challenging is getting other people in the house to be conscious of what they buy as far as groceries. The rest of the family is thrilled with my success so far, but still buys the junk foods. One day at a time I guess.

2) I've never been one for clothes shopping. Hated it actually. But while we were up North last month, we went in search of a belt for me and hubby talked me into getting some new pants. I picked up a couple of capris jeans and a couple tops. I even picked up my first ever pair of shorts that I bought (I've never bought shorts for myself, EVER). It felt great that everything was a size smaller than I used to wear. And I'll admit, I even had fun clothes shopping.

3) I've chopped off all my hair and love it! (One of the rare times I will post a picture of myself. Someday I might like my picture taken, but until then I'm happy to be behind the camera)

4) I've started to learn some balance between the magickal and the mundane. Lately the mundane has taken over, but I'm grabbing the reins and taking control again. I've started to reread some of the books I've collected over the years along my pagan path. And I've started to reaffirm my choice of path and reconnect with it. I've even started to re learn to read the Tarot which is something I've wanted to do for a while now (Especially since I've had my pretty dragon deck for years and haven't done much with it). I put my deck and the learning aside some 7 years ago. It's time to reconnect to it once again.

5) The past few months I've been feeling stuck creatively (my blog is a perfect show of that with the lack of posts) and haven't had much of a desire to do anything creative. Since returning home from camp a little over a week ago, I've started reorganizing my creative space (which really needed it) and I've started to listen to Total Alignment (you can learn about it by clicking on the button on my sidebar) over on the Dirty Footprints blog. It's 5 videos of tools and techniques to help align one's Mind-Body-Spirit with the Creative Source within all of us. I've listened to the first video twice already.

The good news...

I'm painting again (I'll show the piece when I'm finished)

So for the rest of this week I'll be focusing on balance and organizing, both magickal and mundane. I'll be joining Angela from The Pagan Mom Blog and Asher from the Rococo Guide to Witchery in creating a "Witch to do List" that goes right along with my mundane list. My witchy list is a short one so far, but it's manageable and that's what's important.

"Witchy TO DO List"
1~ Straighten and clean my altars
2~ Inventory and organize my herbs and make a list of what I'm low on
3~ Begin the long process of organizing my BOS



  1. I'm saving my BOS until last. The very last. I'm almost afraid to tackle it!

  2. LOL I know how you feel. Mine's been sitting in the "To Do" pile for years and years. Time to start working on it little by little.

  3. Waw! I'm glad to read all of this! 34 pounds is a whole lot off your back! Congratulations! I hope you're very proud of yourself.

    Funny enough, I've painted yesterday, after no doing so for some month... It felt great!

    And... I even got to have a little ritual for myself, daytime, by the river shore :)

  4. Thanks Lady! I am pretty proud of myself. Hubby has been a huge support which is awesome!

    Good for you to be able to have a little ritual for yourself!! hugs!!

  5. It looks wonderful and very summery. I recently cut 10.5 inches of curls and donated them to a child cancer foundation; it feels great.

  6. Thanks! How awesome to donate the locks you cut off to a good cause. Kudos to you!!


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