Thursday, April 7, 2011

Above the kitchen window is a small gap where the paneling didn't meet flush when we were putting the kitchen back together during the remodel. Any other person wouldn't have noticed it. But it's been driving my father nuts so he put in a request for some sort of artwork a few months back (which is ironic because he's never been a huge fan of my artwork if you remember).

So after showing my parents the artwork that I had just finished for our bathroom (which my dad liked..go figure). I was struck with a bit of inspiration this morning. Good thing I had to make a trip to my local small town scrapbook store to pick up my order from the first trip.

I really do enjoy going to that place. Not only are the papers that they offer beautiful, but the employees are so nice. And all the little completed projects that they have displayed are such inspirations and really get the creative juices flowing.

I picked up some chipboard letters and chipboard sheets. A really pretty piece of scrapbook paper that will be the perfect background. I also snagged some very pretty paper flowers. As well as a package of large metal keys and gemstone embellishments for other projects. I really could spend all day there just browsing and creating!

And since I wasn't happy with the way the photos of my bathroom artwork came out, I took some new pictures and tweaked them a bit more in my photo editing programs on the computer. I am much happier with this round of photos. These pictures are a lot closer to what they look like in real life.

Nurture Mind, Body, Spirit (take 2)

Nurture Mind, Body, Spirit close up (take 2)


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  1. That's awesome your father has requested something from you though! Hope you'll post up the ideas for what you're doing.
    It's funny, my father is the complete opposite, and there's quite a few unfinished projects in their house still...LOL


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