Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WIP Tuesday ~ New Paintings!

After a whirl wind of activity over the weekend, both inside and out, it's nice to sit down and work on a few new pieces that I've started. Especially since it's dreary and cold outside today. 

And of course, I've had help. I always have help!

I'm curious as to how he thinks laying on my craft table is helping me? Ah well, guess he decided I was working too hard.

After a bit of Orion therapy, it was back to work with me. I've started a Triple Goddess set of paintings. I originally had planned to create them similar in style to my Elemental Goddess and Elementals paintings, but they begged for faces.

Maiden WIP
Maiden, Mother and Crone are all sketched out and ready for painting. Here's hoping Orion doesn't decide I need more therapy and I end up with painted paw prints on my floor.

Hope you all have a creative week!



  1. Very pretty looking so far!! I'm curious as to what you paint in, it seems far to thin to be canvas?
    I've just opened up an etsy shop myself and have some ideas to get it going - mainly hoping to get my cat to the vet right now LOL - but cannot wait to see these finished!! My kitties are the same way. I do most of my work in bed right now (I'm very neat and have a lap board and such, just no room for an art table or anything here) and all three seem to think it's time to curl up with me when I get to working on something! LOL

  2. Thanks! It's actually a piece of scrap luan wood that was sitting in my dad's garage for a while. I just cut it up into various sizes on the table saw. A quick coat of gesso and it's ready for painting. LOL my Orion is the biggest trouble maker when it comes to my creative messes.

  3. Wow, very cool!! lol We have scrap wood...but like particle board and wood the brother-in-law has left from projects (shelves, etc.) lol
    hehehe Yea, my Pringle just about had her face and tail covered in paint yesterday, she's in heat so anything and everything is a chance to rub up against... >.>

  4. hehe Thanks so much for the suggestions, I'll look into those!


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