Friday, September 24, 2010

Elemental Goddess

For the Elemental Swap on Crafster, I made my partner a set of art nouveau inspired Goddess paintings. I wasn't familiar with the style but after some research and looking through other art nouveau pieces, I really enjoy the style. And since my partner has received them, I can post without spoiling surprises!

This is a picture of the whole set. Each one is painted on a thin piece of wood and then sealed.

Earth Goddess

I primed each piece of wood, painted the background, drew a circle the size I wanted, taped off the circle with blue painters tape, then primed the center of the circle. After all that prep work, it was the fun task of painting.

Air Goddess

The background on Air is actually silver. I guess silver doesn't photograph very well outdoors. Each painting was done in the colors that my partner associated with each element: Earth- greens and browns, Air- white and silver, Water- blues and turquoise, Fire- reds. I also incorporated the symbols that she used for each of the elements as well.

Fire Goddess

Water Goddess

I really do love how these came out. I might just have to make a set for myself.

Happy Crafting!
~K. Michele


  1. they are beautiful, lady!

    I'm kind of surprise not to see you list in the Practical Magic party...

  2. Thanks! I've thought about it, just don't really know what it all entails really.


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