Friday, October 1, 2010

Rain rain go away....or just stop for crying out loud!

It has been yet another record rainfall here in Central New York. We had about 4 inches of rain fall down on our little heads yesterday. And of course we all know what happens when you have lots of rain...

Yup you've guessed it. We had another water issue. This time we were ready thankfully. Our house has what they call a French Drain around the outer edge of the basement walls that allows water that comes in to drain into the open drain at the back of the house. Works great when it's not raining constantly.
Yesterday I made preparations for our eventful evening by installing the Water Detector we picked up after the last water issue. 
 Hubby and I started using the Shop Vac at 9pm last night. Sucking up water, dumping water, sucking up some more. It was a very annoying cycle. By 11pm we were comfortable enough with where the water stood in the drain to get some sleep. After all, it was probably going to be a long night and we'd need all the sleep we could get. 

The water detector went off at 3am this morning. Water had just come up over the edge of the floor. Time for round two of the Shop Vac games. 4 hours later, we are at the point of maintenance I guess. Or at least that's what Hubby calls it. We have some towels down on the floor near where the drain is, the Shop Vac empty and ready to go, and so far, the water hasn't crested the floor yet. As an additional measure, Hubby just ran to Lowes to pick up our portable sup pump that he just bought online. 

With helping my mom around the house after having carpal tunnel surgery on her wrist, making sure my dad gets the help he needs, and trying to catch up on some sort of sleep, it's a welcomed respite knowing that TJ will be at school and enjoying himself (still can't believe he slept threw everything), and mommy and daddy will be able to catch a nap in peace.

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