Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WTH 2011?!

As you can probably guess from the title, 2011 so far is not all that it's cracked up to be. It started out well enough. I was even enjoying the fact that I was slowly working my way back into craft swaps after the holiday craziness. 

Yesterday started out great. Hubby and I got the car inspected, got something to eat, went to our eye appointment, did a little shopping, over all spending the whole day together, just the two of us. Came home, touched base with my parents who got the kiddo off the bus and kept an eye on him while we were gone, filled them in on our day, and then a perfectly good day took a turn for the bad. The conversation went a little something like..

"Oh just so you know, there was water in the basement." A dumb confused look on my face.
"Say that again?"
"I did a load of laundry in the washer downstairs, went to change the second load over to the dryer and noticed water on the floor. But the bathroom floor was dry. It seeped out under the walls into the hallway, just inside TJ's bedroom and in the other half of the family room behind the bar. But I got it mopped up with towels."
Chris, at this point, raced downstairs to asset whatever damage was done. Luckily for us, there was only a small section under our bed that was wet. (yay for forward thinking on my part from the last flooding to put everything that was stored under our bed, in plastic totes).
It was concluded that the drain the washer drains into must be faulty somewhere in the line. No biggy, we can figure out what's going on over the weekend, there was no real reason to panic and get stressed over it.

Today started out innocent enough. Got the kid ready for school and put on the bus, I had a bowl of cereal, hopped on the Wii for a little bit of a workout, worked on a little painting that I had started, and went upstairs to hang a curtain rod. Came downstairs to grab the power drill and what greeted me...a puddle of water outside the bathroom door..

WTH! I went around the bar and was greeted by yet another puddle. At this point I'm ready to blow a gasket. Mom was in the middle of running the dishwasher and had just finished washing dishes. What I had hoped was just a small problem and a simple fix, has turned into an even bigger problem. And not a very good outlook for 2011 so far.

And hubby wonders why I hate this house sometimes. I am really tired of water in houses and having to deal with it. It really irritates me because it's my living space downstairs that is affected and it's not disrupting the lives of anyone else in this household, just mine, Chris and the kid's. And it feels like no one else cares really. I was really upset today when my dad called down from the office "Do you want me to call someone to come look at it?" I said yes, but was thinking "What the hell do you think?! Yes call someone! Get this fixed and now!"

Then I think of friends who live in Australia and what they are currently going through, and I have nothing to complain about. Their homes, lively hoods all gone. And suddenly my little disruption in my life doesn't seem nearly as bad, just annoying.

Here's to drying out and starting to put pieces back together. Hopefully 2011 begins to turn around for many people right now.

~ K. Michele


  1. Well it might not make you feel better, but the problem would have started in 2010... so 2011 is all about fixing it. Right?

  2. Ah, that damned basement!
    Everything's gonna be okay sweety!

  3. Thanks Andreann. And you're right it's been one headache after another. Here's hoping. We'll know more tomorrow what we are looking at.


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