Monday, January 24, 2011


I've never made inchies before. The inchies I made for the Dotee Swap over at Craftster was the first time making them. I had fun and while waiting for my packages to arrive at their new homes, I decided to create some more inchies.

What are inchies? They are 1 inch by 1 inch little pieces of artwork. Like ATCs but much smaller.

I had a frame that my sister had given to me forever ago that had always needed something, but it wasn't your standard frame. Inchies were the perfect solution!

I couldn't just stop at faeries. Nope, had to make some more! Faerie inchies led to some cute bug creations.

 Which then led to...
Monster Inchies
 Monsters! Aah! No, not really. These guys are mini monsters from something the kiddo and I worked on the night before after swim lessons. I drew the monsters and TJ helped design them but telling me what they needed to have.


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