Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday WIP....

I've been hard at work creating a few items for holiday gifts as well as painting baseboards for my son's room. If my craft table and family room are any indication, it's been a flurry of projects in progress.

But I have a few things finished and a few more that are about half way to completion. Here's a couple of what I have done so far. 

I was really inspired by my art journal when I created these. It had been a while since I created a piece of artwork for my Oma and Opa (my maternal grandparents). My Oma is such a huge supporter of my artwork. She has a wall dedicated to every art piece I've created for her, including some pieces from when I was a child. This year, she will be getting 2 art pieces. One is a print we had made of one of the kiddo's artwork and the other is my artwork. And I also created one for my Aunt and Uncle as well.

Each one is mixed media on bristol board. To give them a personal touch, in the heart I included their wedding dates. 

It's a tradition in our family that each child gets an ornament each year. It was something my mother started for both myself and my sister. My paternal grandmother, the crafty lady she was, helped add to that. Every year, my grandmother made all the grand kids (8 of us) an ornament. When she passed away, I made sure the tradition was carried on not only for my son, but my cousin's children as well. 

Last year I scored big with a bunch of clear glass ornaments. I still have not made a dent in that bunch. I pulled out some paper clay (I love that stuff!) and went to work creating ornaments for the kiddo and my cousins' kids.

One of 2 little puppies that are dried and ready for painting.

And the ornaments this year, a penguin, 2 puppies and a bear. The little fabric pillows are for another project (stay tuned for that one).

So that's a few of the ones I have in progress. I still have something for my sister that is in the works, hubby, and the kiddo. I might even be whipping something up for my parents and the kitties as well (not sure yet though, haven't been inspired yet).

I'm hoping to get some more crafting done this weekend, but it's going to be a very busy one with a birthday party, base board installation in the kiddo's bedroom, and 2 holiday parties.


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