Monday, August 23, 2010

UGH! Why does it have to rain?

It's almost 5am and I'm wide awake but not for any good reason.

I was hoping to get some major crafting done because it was raining all day yesterday (Sunday) and is supposed to be raining all day today. Instead, I'm mopping up water in our bedroom which just happens to be in the basement. Luckily it's only the lower half of the bedroom and not the whole thing, but still.

"Honey there's water on the floor in our bedroom" at 430am was not what I wanted to hear out of a dead sleep.

So right now we are mopping up water with every towel I could find downstairs. Later when people have woken up, we are moving furniture and getting the Shop Vac from the garage. Luckily it sounds like it's raining down the storm drain under the bathroom, but unfortunately for me, it's not doing it fast enough.

Hubby just called into work so it'll be tag team today with the both of us working at it. But because it's supposed to rain all day as well, we are both going to be on edge. And he just informed me that yesterday was record setting rain fall. It was something if the creek behind the house was high and the river that runs through town was fast and high as well.

Unfortunately, this has happened before. About 5 years before we moved back in with mom and dad. At that time, no one was living downstairs and there was wall to wall carpet. So you can imagine the mold and mildew that festered downstairs before anyone noticed. Luckily we caught it early this time. But at the same time, something's got to give. We can't keep getting water in the basement. Looks like we'll be looking at sump pump. 


It's not raining. That in itself is a blessing. It's given us a chance to catch up really. We are very, very fortunate it's not a huge mess. The small pile of laundry that sat at the base of my husband's dresser seemed to have sucked up the majority of the water. As I have already pointed out, another reason for me to not do laundry on a regular basis (since I tend to do laundry when hampers are over flowing)! Of course he laughed and rolled his eyes at me. I tend to get that reaction a lot these days ha ha. Oh and the useless annoying bed skirt helped soak up some water as well (still do not like the darn things!)

Anyway, a bit of towel drying and throwing wet towels in the washer/dryer, we seem to be back in business. Of course after I put the bedroom back together, I embark on the wonderful task of unwrapping all of my yarn that was stored under the bed and try to dry it all out. I hope I can salvage it all. I'd hate to have to replace all my pretty yarn and fabric flowers.

Happy DRY Crafting!
~ K.Michele

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