Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat wave and some least a little...

This heat wave we are having is insane! Not only does it make crafting during the day near impossible (even for crafting in the basement), my poor furbabies have long fur and are definitely feeling the heat. Orion in particular. The poor thing has taken to sleeping on top of my craft cabinet to be near the cool air from the ceiling fan every chance he gets.

My box of buttons is no where near big enough to lay on, but he lays there anyway.

With the heat, the last few nights I've worked on my Art Journal on the bed under the ceiling fan. You would think since our bedroom is in the basement, it'd be a bit cooler. Well, it may be a degree or two cooler than the upstairs, but it seems to get a lot more humid downstairs at night (inspite of the de-humidifier running non stop).

The warm evenings of course won't keep my crafting buddy at bay. He decided that he could spend some time with "Mom" on the bed while I worked on my Art Journal (yes he's holding my scissors down). Of course a lot of his helping was laying down on my papers to keep them from flying away.

Even with the heat, I've slowly been working on my journal. I am in the process of finishing up some elements for the page I am working on as well as waiting for glue to dry. Tomorrow night (since it doesn't look like it'll be much cooler), I will start on the things I plan on making for a craft swap. As much as I would love to create a ton of things for my partner, I fear the heat will keep what I send to a minimum. Perhaps I will add some supplies to the package that she can use in her crafting endevours. We'll see.

 In the mean time, keep cool. Stay hydrated. And as always...

Happy Crafting!


  1. Not hot here yet but soon. We've had allot of rain.

  2. I feel your pain. Thankfully we've been blessed with cool night breezes over the past few day which makes for awfully sweet dreams (far better than those sticky gross ones :) )


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