Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ostara Swap 2010

I really enjoy craft swaps. And when something pops into my head to make, I love when it works out! My partner for this last round is studying Gypsy folklore and belly dances (I haven't belly danced in years!)
So what better way to celebrate dancing and gypsies then with an actual gypsy?!

Group shot of everything sent

The package included 2 wall hangings, some white sage, rosemary and cinnamon incense, and a gypsy.

"Ostara Returns" and "Dancing Ganesha"

My swap partner has a love of the Hindu god Ganesha. I came up with the idea for the "Dancing Ganesha" after seeing an abstract design of him sitting. I thought it would be really neat if I could find an abstract image of him dancing. After a few days searching the internet randomly, I decided it was time to break out the sketchbook and pencil to create my own. He's painted on wooden disk with acrylic paints and embellished with some rhinestone sequins, gold seed beads and gold paint.

"Ostara Returns" was mainly my husband's idea. When I get stuck for an idea, I ask him. He may be more into computers and science, but every now and then his inner artist peaks through. The phoenix returns and brings with it the warmth and light that marks the beginning of spring. The whole piece is a combination of paper and paint. The background is a piece of scrapbook paper as is the Earth and it's continents. The edges of the disk were painted a metalic blue black color and dry brushed into the edges of the background paper to blend it in a bit. I dry brushed some black paint onto the planet for it's shadow. And the phoenix was hand painted with acrylic craft paints. Around the edges of the image is a bead of glitter glue and a metal spiral charm finishes the piece.


My favorite piece was the item that gave me the most trouble from start to finish. I went through 2 noses, 3 sets of ears, and had to add onto her base. And with her arms being wire, every time they were bummed or brushed against, they would loosen up and need to be glued again.

I am not sure what inspired me to want to make a paper maché doll. But after searching for a how-to and finding one that was easy to understand, I knew it was something I wanted to make. It had been years since I played with glue, paper and styrofoam. And of course there was a few modifications.

You can see more pictures of everything in their new home here (just scroll down until you see the gypsy). Overall I was very pleased with how everything came out and am thrilled my swap partner loves everything. I'll post the gypsy on her own and go more into details of how I made her then. But for now...

Happy Crafting!
~ K.Michele


  1. I truly adore that gyspy! but you know that already :P
    great items :)

  2. That gypsy is beyond beautiful! I would snatch her away in a heartbeat.

  3. Thanks! I really enjoyed making her.


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