Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pin Cushion Tutorial

Pin Cushion Tutorial

This is the tutorial I created for my pin cushion. Please be patient as this is my first tutorial but I will try and make it as clear as possible.

Materials Needed:

Something round to trace for the size cushion you want
Some sort of base for your cushion
Fine Sand or Emery
Scrap fabric of your choice for the outer layer
Scrap fabric for the lining
Pencil/Tailors Chalk
Needle and thread
Whatever embelishments you want to finish with

Step 1: Pick the base for your cushion

This is the base I chose for my pin cushion. It was something I had laying around for years and that I have always loved the shape of. This can be anything you wish.

Step 2: Trace your circle on your lining fabric with pencil or tailors chalk, whichever will show up best.

I used some t-shirt material I had laying around as a lining fabric. This will be keeping the sand inside your cushion. Whatever lining fabric you choose needs to be able to hold sand without letting too much escape.
The circle shape I found was just a metal loop that again I had laying around forever. This happens to be inch circle.

Step 3: Pin lining to outer fabric, trace and cut out.

Lay your lining fabric onto your outer fabric and pin. When you trace your circle, leave about 1/4" seam around the lining. Cut out.

This is what your lining and outer fabrics should look like once cut out.

Step 4: Running Stitch with your needle and thread!

The running stitch is what you are going to use to stitch both the lining and the outer fabric closed. I used a strong upholstrey thread for this.

Step 5: Start with your lining, slowly pull the thread to start to close your "pouch"

Remember!! Don't close it up fully, you still need to add sand.

Step 6: Add your sand and close it up!

Here you can add and subtract sand until you have the firmness you want.

Pull your thread until it's closed and stitched it closed anyway you wish.

Step 7: Start pulling the thread on your outer layer to start to close it up.

Before you fully close your outer layer up, put in your inner sand layer.

Optional: Add just a little bit of poly-fil to give it a bit more roundness if you like.

Step 8: Close it up!

Pull the thread and then stitch it closed.

And now the fun part! Putting it all together.

Step 9: Dry fit your cushion, then glue!

See how your cushion is going to fit in your base and then judge where you need to put glue. I filled the bottom of my base with some glass stones I had laying around just to give it a bit more interest (this is optional of course).
Once you have an idea of how your cushion is going to fit in your base, it's time to glue it down. Use a generous amount on the area of the base your cushion is going to touch. There is no need to use more glue than you will need.

Step 10: Place your cushion in the glue and hold

Since you are using hot glue, you don't need to hold it long, just a few seconds.


And there you have it. Once it's all glued down, you can add whatever finishing touches you want. I added a pretty light blue ribbon to dress mine up a bit. I love my pin cushion. I primarily use it as decoration or when I am hand sewing.

What do you think?

Happy Crafting!!

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