Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bedroom Floor is a Go!

Woo!! We finally have flooring in our bedroom. No more concrete for us haha. Here are a few before pictures and as you can see, there are my need to be finished walls.

This is the view from our bedroom door after everything that was cluttering it up was packed up and moved out.

Another shot of the floor. 30 minutes later and some glue, we had flooring. Made a huge difference already in the appearance of the room. This is the view of the bedroom from the doorway and a close up of it.

This is the same flooring we used in our son's bedroom and again we are happy with it. It's vinyl flooring from Armstrong called Oak River Natural Oak that we had purchased at Lowe's (I swear we need a frequent shopper card there because we are always at Lowe's). We wanted a flooring that would be similar to the flooring upstairs, but would be easily removed in case the basement ever flooded again. The nice thing is that it comes in 1 piece and we don't have to worry about seams. Especially in our bedroom since it's 16 feet long from wall to door. The flooring has a no glue option, you just lay it down and the baseboards will hold it in place. Well, being that it was on concrete, we decided to glue it down. And yay for someone who knows how to lay vinyl flooring who helped us out haha.

Today's project, get some primer and paint on those green spotted walls. I can not wait till there is some color in here. This is my favorite part =)

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