Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacation over, back to crafting

Well, vacation was a real nice break from everything. The weather was perfect as well. Would have been nice if it hadn't been so windy a few other days so that the kiddo could have went swimming more. But for the most part, I couldn't have asked for anything better.

So with vacation done, it's back to the grind of every day. The bathroom downstairs has been totally gutted and we picked up the wood needed for the floor joists, walls, and flooring today. Friday we are picking up the bathroom sink and vinyl flooring for it. So hopefully in a week or 2 we will have a bathroom once more downstairs. 6 people and 1 bathroom makes for a bit of chaos, more so than usual.

Tonight I am going to finish cleaning the bedroom so that I can start painting it tomorrow. And then it's clearing off the kitchen table and island so I can possibly craft a bit. I have an idea for 2 new poppets that I want to get working on. One of which will need a bit of work because I will be drafting a new part of the pattern for it.

I will also be making and drying some new charms. The last few batches didn't turn out like I had hoped they would. It's been so rainy here that I think the humidity has been playing havoc with the drying of them. The joys of living in the basement of the house..sigh.

Oh well. Off for a bit of work and then crafts.

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