Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick update after a really Humid day..

Well, I haven't been as crafty as I wanted to be since coming back from vacation. Mostly because at this point, renovations are taking up most of my time. So what else is new lol. But on the plus side, my kitchen is just about done as far as the big projects, ie. refinishing the cabinets. I have 1 door to stain, paint, and seal, then I am officially done refinishing the cabinets. YAY! Insert happy dance here.

I have most of the pictures of the renovations organized as far as what room the pictures go to, but of course all of the before pictures are upstairs on the external harddrive. Which I am going to have to pull them off the harddrive myself because waiting for the hubby to do it when he gets home from work, let's just say I'll be waiting awhile lol. Poor guy is busy busy busy all the time.

Oh and I have also decided to start my art lessons back up again and finish the course. Then I will have an art degree yay! After I finish my art lessons, I am going to finish my herbalism course and get that wrapped up. And after renovations are complete, our stuff is out of storage and everything is unpacked, I am going to get cracking and set up my craft business. Enough procratination, time to get cracking!

Ok, off to get the kid some breakfast so I can get the day started. I might just do some sewing tonight, as long as it's cool enough lol.

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