Thursday, July 9, 2009

Poppet Mini Swap Pictures! ***Warning!! Pic Obese!!***

YAY! It's official my swap partner has received her poppet and l0ves her! I'm really excited because I was really nervous she wasn't going to, especially the second outfit. You can see her in the swap gallery here. And as always, thank you to Ghilie for the poppet pattern and the easy dress pattern. And thank you Craftewoman for the Eleanor pattern and clothing patterns

Anyway, since she received her poppet, I am now able to post pictures for all to see! And trust me, I was chomping at the bit to show them off. I'm really proud and thrilled as to how well she turned out. You can view Glitter's thread on here . You can also view the pictures my partner posted of Glitter in her new home here .

Let me introduce you to Glitter.

What faery would be complete without her wings? This was my first time making wire wings and thought they came out pretty well. I will definately be making more wings and perfecting them. The wire I used was a bit thick I think, but it worked. It was some extra coated electrical wire that was laying around (being that renovations are still going on, I didn't have to buy any wire lol). The wings were made from dollar store pantyhose with fabric glitter paint around the edges (to hide the toe seams) and scribbled to create the veins of the wings.

Here is a group shot of everything that I had included in the package to my partner.

Included were a trinket box, a necklace, an anklet/bracelet, a caterpillar and pet carrier, a second outfit, a detachable tulle belt, wings, and adoption certificate.

And one final picture...

Thanks for looking!! Poppet Kisses!!

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