Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quick update..

This last week has just gone by in such a blur. Luckily, some of the stress of the remodel has been taken off my shoulders. Heck if I was still doing the drywall downstairs, I'd still be mudding my son's room lol. But in fact his room is ready to paint, our room is half done, and at the same time the new kitchen floor was put down and some of the kitchen cabinets and counter have been put in. The new appliances were delivered Tuesday and hooked up. The water softener guys installed "The Beast" (the water softening system as they call it), as I am lovingly calling, it yesterday.

The best part of all this, other than the fact that all of the renovations are all most done and I can get my stuff out of storage (it's only been there for 6 months), I was able to finally pull my new sewing machine out of the box. It's only been in the box for about a week and I've been dying to pull it out and just haven't had the space to do so.

I really, really can't wait to start sewing with my machine. It's a Singer 7470 and a total surprise from my husband. He and my son went out for one of their "boys day outs" and came back with my sewing machine. I was speechless..literally.

So I have a few projects lined up, including a few more poppets (they are really addictive), and I can't wait to just jump right in. Now if I can just dig my fabric boxes out of the corner in my storage unit and stumble on my box of thread, I will be over joyed. I've only been trying to get to storage and get my fabric for about a week now. Something always pops up or the weather changes and I'm left shaking my fist calling out "Curses!" like the cartoon villians.

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