Friday, October 21, 2011

What have I been up to?

I’ve been doing a major clean and organization of my creative space. I’ve been doing it as part of Rhomany’s workshop Whimsical Workspace over at I have to say that since clearing out and reorganizing the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that I want to be in my creative space and that I want to create (which is a huge change from my summer funk). And being that my creative space is part of my bedroom, my bedroom’s cleaner as well and not chaotic like it was before. Don’t get me wrong, it may still look somewhat chaotic, but after all it’s not only a bedroom. It’s a bedroom, craft and art room, computer room, herb storage, altar space and ritual room all rolled into 1 room.

I’m really pleased with how it’s shaping up and I thought I’d share a few before and after pictures with you all.

My cabinets Before: Everything was just placed in there with no real order. It did make it difficult to find something I was looking for and I didn’t have a real place to put pieces that were in progress.

cabinetbefore  cabinetbefore2  

And After, complete with work in progress shelves: The cabinet on the left houses all my sewing supplies and fabrics. The cabinet on the right is my general crafting cabinet.

002   004

My shelves and drawer storage Before: Another chaotic corner that just make creativity hide away.

storage corner

And that same corner After: Much more organized. All my scrapbooking paper is in one area and my paints as well. My sketchbooks and canvases are on a shelf all their own. Next up for this area is getting a nice curtain, it still is part of our closet and I would like to hide the clothes on a regular basis.


My work table Before: Wasn’t very organized and my glass collection was mostly hidden amongst itself.

crafting area

My work space After: The white shelf had an area to hold ribbon at the bottom. I cut it off to open up the window a bit (it used to hide part of the window cutting out some of the already limited amount of natural light that comes in through that window) since my ribbon was being housed in a storage tote under the bed. I used the remains as a shelf to elevate some of my glass pieces. I also found some bins at the dollar store that had snap on lids that fit perfectly on some of the longer shelves.


So there you have it. If you want to see more pictures of my space before and the progress photos, you can find them on Flickr.  It’s not completely finished. Next week it will be about creating artwork for my space and adding the finishing touches. I look forward to when it’s finished and completely me.


  1. Wow. ^^ My room is the "step-room", it's always full of things that have no other place (incluiding, for some strange reason, a box filled with cables and electronic stuff that most definitely is the BF's, since I don't do technical stuff). I'd love to have it as organized as yours is right now - by the way, how long does that state last? (I cleaned our complete flat for two days, and the chaos is already creeping back in. Sigh.)

  2. I'm hoping that my organized state will last a good long time. I just got to be very conscious about putting things away after I'm done working with them. I'll have to get back to you on how long it stays clean though lol.


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