Monday, August 22, 2011

Witchy To Do for 8/22/11

I've come to realize that when hubby is home from work for whatever reason, everything I've had planned gets put on hold. I'm not quite sure why that is either.

I was doing really good on my Witchy To Do list last week until hubby took the day off mid week. For what ever reason, I didn't do my affirmation for that day. Meditating has been hard for me as well, not the process just finding the time. I'm hoping that once school starts in the fall I can meditate on a more regular basis. But the evenings I did meditate before bed, I have noticed I've slept better and woke earlier in the morning feeling rested compared to when I hadn't.

I have completed my sections list for my BOS. I cracked the BOS open the other day and was pleasantly surprised with how much I had already had typed up and in page protectors already. I even started on creating divider pages for each section as well. 

So for this weeks Witchy To Do list:

1) Continue to work on the cover for the BOS
2) Type up a few pages for the BOS
3) Create a few more section divider pages
4) Go through folder with saved articles for BOS
5) Get some autumn colored felt for project with kiddo

Hope everyone had a good weekend and that this week will be very inspired!


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